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Door Sets - Internal (Non-Fire Rated), FD30, and FD60 Fire-Rated

Door sets are typically custom-made (bespoke) to fit specific requirements and are supplied as pre-hang and pre-finished units to streamline installation and reduce on-site preparation time. Ironmongery, including handles, hinges and locks, is machined for in door leafs and frames in the factory, while the frame is often pre-assembled, ensuring efficiency and precision during installation.


Door Sets for Apartments - SBD and PAS24 certified


What is a Door Set? 

Door Set cross section

What components is it made of?

A standard door set comprises a door leaf, frame set (consisting of linings with loose stops or a rebated lining), and ironmongery.

However, fire-resistant door sets also require intumescent strips, which are installed in the perimeter of the frame or door leaf to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Glazing options, including clear or obscured, toughened or laminated glass, as well as wired or pyro glass for fire-rated door sets, can be incorporated for aesthetic or functional purposes.


At Modern Doors, we specialize in supplying bespoke timber door sets tailored for domestic and commercial use, across various standards:

Internal (Non-Fire Rated) Door Sets - These door sets are ideal for interior applications where fire protection is not a requirement. They serve as regular interior doors or room dividers, providing privacy and aesthetic appeal.

FD30 Fire-Rated Door Sets - Engineered to withstand fire for 30 minutes, FD30 door sets are suitable for areas where basic fire protection is necessary. They are commonly installed in residential buildings, small offices, and low-risk commercial spaces, serving as exit doors, stairwell enclosures, or other fire barriers.

FD60 Fire-Rated Door Sets - Offer enhanced fire resistance for 60 minutes. FD60 door sets are designed for high-risk environments and buildings with complex layouts. They find applications in hospitals, hotels, schools, and industrial facilities, providing critical protection for prolonged evacuation times and environments with increased fire risks.

Grey panelled door set traditional style


Black Panelled double door set in light room setting


In addition to fire-rated options, we also offer door sets certified to standards such as PAS24 and Secured by Design (SBD) for apartment and flat entrance doors, ensuring compliance with stringent security requirements when required. We can also supply double doors (French doors) and door sets with side panels for hallways and generally for larger openings.


Dark double door sets with vision panels in commercial development


Internal (non-fire rated), FD30, and FD60 fire-rated door sets cater to diverse needs in residential and commercial settings. At Modern Doors, we are committed to delivering bespoke door solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind for our clients. Please send us a specification of your project to [email protected] or call 02031503103 to discuss your requirements.