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2013 interior door design trends

It’s January 2014 and we are now looking at the past year, recognising how significant it was to door design trends in the UK. Our domestic door market has been responding to the growing demand for a bigger variety of contemporary styles and colours on offer, and that demand has been often fuelled by an influence of foreign interior designers. With the use of social media, images of stunning interiors and door designs are spreading fast over the internet, easily reaching homeowners looking for inspiration. Let’s look at how the door design trends have shaped in the UK in 2013*:

Design features

  1. Metal strips – we have seen several new door models released last year, incorporating metal strips as design features – Sierra Blanco White, Forli Oak or Zanzibar Chocolate Grey to name but a few. They certainly add unique, contemporary character to the doors. The internal doors with metal strips are relatively inexpensive and easy to keep clean, which made them a very popular choice in 2013 and this trend is likely to continue in 2014.
    Sierra Blanco White Internal Door

    Internal Sierra Blanco Door


  2. Grooves and shapes – groove design features have been used on internal doors for many years now to create original and elegant designs and more doors with grooves are introduced every year. However, in 2013 we have seen a new trend – curved groove designs. A new range of doors with elliptic shapes emerged to answer similar trends in furniture and kitchen design. Door models such as Rovigo Oak or Ragusa Oak bring a refreshing new trend in door design and have naturally attracted a healthy interest from homeowners.
    Oak Ragusa Internal Glazed Door

    Internal Ragusa Oak Glazed Door


  3. Mixed grain directions – or in other words, the incorporation of different direction wood grains (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) on the face of the door. This design feature has been utilised by Modern Doors  in our range of internal bespoke doors for several years, however it seems to be a more popular trend recently and doors such as Ravenna Oak or Vancouver Walnut have been an instant hit in the UK, proving that often a simple solution provides the best results.

    Ravenna Oak Internal Door

    Internal Ravenna Oak Door


Oak still remains the unquestionable leader, when it comes to the choice of colours for doors and interiors generally. However the usual runner up – American Black Walnut seems to have fallen out of favour amongst homeowners in 2013 and was replaced in 2nd spot by painted white doors. Although white doors are often purchased as white primed only to be painted in a solid paint colour such as grey or black, to blend in with walls or to match other interior features. Also several unusual door colours have been introduced with artificial (man-made) veneers such as Zanzibar Ash Grey or Vancouver Light Grey and these have also been rather popular.

Light Grey Vancouver Internal Door

Internal Vancouver Light Grey Door


*based on our experiences when dealing with enquiries and sales from general public, architects and interior designers in 2013. This view may not necessarily and is not intended to reflect the actual state of the UK’s door industry as a whole.

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