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Glance of upcoming changes to the door ranges in 2014

The UK’s door industry is constantly evolving to meet market demands and new Building Regulations. In 2014 we are expecting a lot of exciting changes and this is what to look out for in the upcoming months:

Internal Doors

Internal Doors range will again be significantly increased, with more factory prefinished and fire rated versions of existing door models added to the range and also an increase in the variety of sizes available. Brand new door models will also be introduced around March featuring new door designs with metal strips and crossing wood grains. As well as this, very elegant designer glass doors featuring full height glass panels are expected to be available for sale in the next few weeks!

Full height glazed, oak and walnut internal doors

New ranges of internal glazed doors expected in 2014

External Doors

More contemporary front doors! Yes, there will be a few contemporary front door designs added to our range but most importantly, many existing models such as the popular Modena Oak will be available in high performance versions, meeting the latest Building Regulations requirements for more energy efficient front doors (lower u-values). Made with high performance, insulated door cores this new range of thermally efficient front doors will be readily available in the UK around May 2014.

Bespoke Doors

Generally changes to the range of materials or finishes, and new inventions are implemented as soon as they appear in the UK, so our bespoke doors are always fully up to date with leading industry trends. However, we are currently working on reducing lead times of the extra efficient (u-value of 1.1) bespoke front doors and also the keyless entry systems.

We will release further, detailed information about each of these changes prior to introducing them, so check our blog regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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