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Making the most of your living space – practical door solutions and design ideas

Two most common practical issues that homeowners are often trying to tackle, when renovating their properties, are:

  • How to gain more space?
  • How to let more of natural light to flood in?

There are a number of practical door solutions, which can help to resolve these issues.

Getting more space

  1. Sliding pocket doors – great solution for single door openings up to 900mm wide, where there is no space for a door to swing to. Sliding pocket doors are sliding into a wall cavity, almost completely disappearing when fully opened. This inexpensive solution is often used for en-suite bathrooms but can work effectively as bedroom doors also.Virtually any non-fire rated internal door can be used with a pocket system.

    Sliding pocket door - Zanzibar Ash Grey Internal Door

    Zanzibar Ash Grey Internal Door in a pocket system and bespoke white frame

  2. Folding Doors – the most practical solution for large openings (up to 5 metres in width). This type of door set will include between 2 to 8 door leafs, sliding to and stacking on, one or both sides. Ideal for separating kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces or creating 2 rooms out of a large space. Also using an external folding door set between the living room and a garden will almost extend the interior of the house into the garden – a great idea for warm, sunny days.

    4 door Pattern 10 Oak Internal Folding Set

    4 section internal folding set – Oak Pattern 10 style with obscured glass

  3. Door Pairs and Room Dividers – Alternative solution to folding door sets, best suited for smaller openings (between 1000-2000mm of width) and budgets. Many of Room Divider sets offer numerous opening configurations with various size side panels and great choice of door designs to choose from.

    W6 Oak Shaker Internal Room Divider

    W6 type internal room divider – Oak Shaker style with clear glass

  4. Bi-folding doors – a single door splitting centrally in half and folding to the side. This is another practical and inexpensive way to save interior space. Most commonly used on built-in wardrobes, cupboards, storage areas or even as kitchen or room doors. Modern Doors offer a range of bi-fold doors in oak, with or without glass, complete with pivot hardware and tracks.

    Space saving Oak Internal Pattern 10 Bi-Fold Glazed Door

    Internal Oak bifolding door – Pattern 10 style with clear glass

Getting natural light in

The obvious choice is to use door design with large glazed surface such as Pattern 10, Worcester or Shaker throughout the house (the more glass, the more light flooding in), but some will prefer more contemporary door styles with solid surfaces or small glass panels, so how can you make your house brighter?  Well, natural light comes to your rooms from outside mostly through windows, but using a solid, secure front door with glazed side panels will let some extra light to your hallway. Using room dividers or folding door sets between hallway and your living space will let more light into the hallway. You could also extend the height of your door openings to allow for top lights above the doors. Depending on the plan of the house and the budget there will be numerous options for every scenario, so give our sales team a call to discuss the options tailored for your requirements.

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