Bespoke Doors

Designing Internal Doors

Designing Internal Doors – practical advice for homeowners and interior designers So you don’t like designs of any readily available internal doors or perhaps you would rather have your own unique design of doors. That’s great! We believe that doors can significantly transform your living environment and should reflect the personality of the homeowners as […]

Remodel your property using bespoke wooden doors

Doors are widely considered as one of the “high impact” design features, a feature that makes your home unique and more valuable. So how can you add value by restyling your property with new bespoke wooden doors? The cost of an internal door ranges from £50 for the cheapest readymade door, to several hundred pounds […]

Glance of upcoming changes to the door ranges in 2014

The UK’s door industry is constantly evolving to meet market demands and new Building Regulations. In 2014 we are expecting a lot of exciting changes and this is what to look out for in the upcoming months: Internal Doors Internal Doors range will again be significantly increased, with more factory prefinished and fire rated versions […]

The argument between using veneer or solid wood for internal doors

Modern Doors take a look at the most common veneer patterns they achieve in their bespoke doors. — The majority of people when considering good quality internal doors for their home immediately assume that the door should be made from solid hardwood rather than a veneer which is often considered as a cheap alternative. However, […]

Key considerations when buying bespoke doors

If you’re thinking of fitting new internal doors, read on to find out more about buying bespoke doors. — Doors may seem to be a secondary concern in the home; little more than a way of getting from one room to the next. But they will be seen and used by you and your family […]

Interior Design & Oak Doors

Door styles can easily be overlooked when designing and creating your living space, but it is important that the door you choose is right for you and the spaces it sits between. — Style and trends in the interior design world are constantly changing; coming and going much like trends in fashion. In interior design […]

Buying a bespoke door online

Buying a bespoke door online is now considerably easier than it ever has been. In years gone by to buy an internal bespoke door would involve visiting many different joinery companies, discussing the materials, thicknesses, finishes and costs of such a seemingly extravagant purchase. You would often be left feeling confused, ripped off and most […]