Fire Doors

Essential information on Fire Doors (part 4)

In our final article on Fire Doors, Modern Doors are investigating the components of a Fire Door set. Components The BWF (British Woodworking Federation) Certifire Fire Door and Doorset Scheme have put great efforts into raising the awareness and understanding of the importance of compatibility of components within Fire Doors. Fitting an incorrect size component […]

Essential information on Fire Doors (part 3)

In our third article of four, Modern Doors are going to discuss fire door certification in more depth.   Certification Just like fire doors, all passive fire protection products are potentially life-saving, and with this in mind third party certification involving independent testing and auditing should be the minimum standard demanded for every building. The […]

Essential information on Fire Doors (part 2)

In this, our second article in this series, Modern Doors will be providing information surrounding fire safety with an accurate description of fire doors.   Fire Safety & Protection It is the aim of all products used in fire safety to restrict the spread of fire by containing it to one area or compartment. For […]

Essential information on Fire Doors (Part 1)

With Fire Doors, there are many technical factors. In the first of a series of articles, Modern Doors looks more deeply at these internal door considerations. — The subject of fire doors can be confusing and somewhat daunting for non-professionals in the field of fire safety. Over the next month Modern Doors will publish a […]

The importance of certification in fire doors

Technology in fire doors has improved over recent years but it remains vital to make sure your purchase is certified; read on to find out why. — Fire doors are no longer restricted to the heavyweight and industrial styles found in commercial premises, made of materials such as steel and asbestos. For health reasons that […]