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Remodel your property using bespoke wooden doors

Doors are widely considered as one of the “high impact” design features, a feature that makes your home unique and more valuable. So how can you add value by restyling your property with new bespoke wooden doors?

The cost of an internal door ranges from £50 for the cheapest readymade door, to several hundred pounds for quality bespoke doors. It is however, safe to say that you get what you pay for, and money would be well spent on better quality doors. When internal doors are made to measure, they are also made to specific design requirements. This allows for an individual choice of colour, finish and design features personalised to a specific property. You can create doors that blend in with the walls, match the flooring or perhaps furniture and even have them completely different on either side, to fit in with different room styles. The best impression however, is created by “oversized” doors – floor to ceiling high, or simply considerably larger than average. The effect can be of a truly grand design style and it is a relatively inexpensive and easy to implement investment in your property. Outside of your own customised size and design, you are also getting the highest quality product, including the latest technical innovations. Custom made internal doors are usually made of high performance, insulated and fire resistant door cores and provide excellent energy efficiency and sound insulation. High quality wood veneers and finishes can provide superb durability and also help make the doors virtually maintenance free.

Internal Bespoke Door, White Painted with Horizontal Grooves

Bespoke White Internal Door blending in with surrounds

Nothing makes a bigger impression to the outside of your home than a large and elegant front door. Grand entrance front doors, with side panels and/or top lights, decorated with stylish door furniture and door numbers etched into the glass will make a stunning first impression for visitors, passersby and potential buyers, when the time comes to sell your property. Most importantly however, the energy efficient and SBD (Secured By Design) front doors can help make your property more practical, giving the homeowner extra piece of mind, as well as trouble free every day use.

Bespoke Front Door with Side Panel

Black Painted Front Door with Side Panel – customised with door number etched in glass

Modern Doors Ltd supply all types of domestic wooden doors as well as high quality door furniture and hardware. Our main area of expertise is in the design and supply of the highest quality designer interior and exterior doors. If you would like to see more bespoke door designs and ideas for remodelling your propery please check our Gallery.

(this article has been originally printed in Homes & Improvements newspaper distributed with The Mail on Sunday on 16th February 2014)

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