Pre-Hung External Door Sets Announced

Following a high demand, we are re-introducing pre-finished and pre-hung external door sets in eight of the most popular exterior door designs – Modena, Modena Glazed, Turin, Siena, Pattern 10, Suffolk, Westminster and Chancery.

Pre-finished and pre-hung external door sets

Pattern 10, Turin and Modena models as pre-hung external door sets

Technical Specification

All sets will be made of engineered oak and factory finished in a medium oak stain to closely resemble the natural oak colour while at the same time protecting the timber from weathering and UV sunlight. We are also planning to include a stain touch up kit with every door set to cover any fixing holes or marks that could occur during the installation, or later during every day use.

The door cores have been substantially upgraded and now include thermal insulation for improved energy efficiency. A complete threshold system with thermal cover is also included as part of the set and in general, all our pre-hung external door sets score highly on energy efficiency and comply with rigorous requirements of the Part L document of Building Regulations. The tests performed on our door sets show overall u-values between 1.6-1.7 W/m2K.

The sets include all the necessary door hardware with security features – 5 way multipoint locking system with a lever handle on both sides and security hinges with studs. Polished chrome will be the standard finish and polished brass will be available on request. An optional factory fitted letter plate will be available to order at a later date.

All components are pre-installed in the factory before dispatch with a choice of outward/inward opening and left/right hand side hinge position. The factory pre-hanging to the requested configuration will only take 48 hours and we aim to deliver readymade door sets in 6-8 working days from placing of order. The door sets will be delivered as a whole made up unit (some ironmongery might be removed for transportation), ready to be installed. This will dramatically reduce the installation time and in fact allow DIYers to install it themselves without the need to hire an external carpenter.

These pre-hung external door sets have been examined by an independent conformity assessment body and CE marked for quality. They are also FSC certified, which means the timber used for their production has been sourced only from responsibly managed forests, and therefore are environmentally friendly. As well as this they are supplied with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Hung External Door Sets

Although these new pre-hung external door sets are really a great product and fantastic value for money, they have their limitations also and might not be suitable for everyone. For this reason we have created a list of pros and cons to help you make the right choice:


  1. No finishing required – no hassle and no additional cost
  2. Installation time and cost greatly reduced
  3. No extra ironmongery required
  4. Cheaper overall than buying standalone products
  5. Several configuration options including outwards opening
  6. High energy efficiency
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Fast delivery from order (only 6-8 working days)
  9. 10 years guarantee


  1. Limited size flexibility (only standard sizes available – no made to measure service available)
  2. No trimming allowed
  3. Only 1 type of glass and 1 set of door hardware available

Ordering and Availability

The door sets will be fully released for sale after 17th July 2014, but because we are expecting a large demand as soon as they go on sale, we are already accepting pre-orders to avoid running out of stock or similar delays in July. All pre-orders will receive a stain touch up kit with the door set free of charge (expected RRP around £30+). Orders can be placed online or by calling our Sales Team on 020 8438 6329.

2 comments on “Pre-Hung External Door Sets Announced

  1. Nicely describe the details about Pre hung external doors. I really enjoyed reading this post and it enhance my knowledge, but still I have a doubt that-Are Pre-Hung Doors similar to Composite doors?

    I used to with Composite Doors in Liverpool, due to my interest and working responsibilities and for enhancing my knowledge, I regularly read such kinds of interesting blog posts. Hope to get a quick response and thanks for sharing this post.

    • Rachel, thank you for your comment. The pre-hung door sets described here are wooden doors, not composite doors, so they are not similar from that perspective. Composite doors are made of a mix of materials like pvc, foam, wood, steel etc. which has its advantages in enhanced strength and energy efficiency but its no match for wooden doors when it comes to appearance, the warmth, natural feel and general flexibility. Some people will prefer composite doors, others will only consider timber doors, and the pre-hung door sets will bring all advantages of wooden doors enhanced by the extra energy efficiency, factory applied finish and complete set of ironmongery. It’s a perfect compromise and ideal solution for homeowners looking for a great front door made of wood for their property.

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